Computer Collection 1970-1990 (The small museum of computers)

I have created a small museum of vintage computers in my basement. The computer collection consists of vintage home computers, peripherals, and books. The museum items do not represent only vintage technology parts but also o whole era when the European computer evolution took place. A special Greek book about the small museum of computers has been written for making popular the computers history in Greece. This book is available on Amazon.

Museum items (computers)
All museum items are in working condition and are connected to TV sets or computer monitors. The vintage software is stored in cassette tapes and disks.

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Το μικρό μουσείο πληροφορικής έγινε βιβλίο!
Π. Παπάζογλου (2018)
Amazon, USA
ISBN 978-1717215772
(μονόχρωμη & έγχρωμη έκδοση)


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